Monday, March 20, 2006

Your Business

Most men can't multi-task, but my amazing husband can. He can talk on the phone while, um, doing his business. As a matter of fact, I'd venture to say that its uncommon if he's doesn't "go" while having a phone conversation longer than 10 minutes. I have always thought this one of the lowest forms of multitasking, (right down there with clipping your fingernails or flossing your teeth while watching tv). Gross. Hang up and go. Some things aren't meant to be tasked together.

I remember reading years ago, before the mobile phone became common, that 17% of people will use the bathroom while talking on the phone. Recently, after an airport bathroom encounter with a woman on her mobile phone, multi-tasking in the next stall, I became curious; has that percentage changed?

I ran across this website on a google search.

If you thought the bathroom was used for just one purpose, think again! In addition to the bathroom reading done by 74 percent of respondents, the survey found 47 percent of people talk on the phone, 23 percent watch TV and 11 percent even eat in the bathroom. Ty Pennington plays the guitar on occasion while Aida Turtono is known to meditate.

Eating while in the bathroom? Double gross. And who is Aida Turtono, anyway?

What do you do while doing your business?


Rio said...

My brother consistently does this, and I refuse to talk to him when he is in that location. This is the same man who could not be in the room when I would nurse Sonny Boy (and you can imagine how I would flaunt that). Sonny Boy was a very loud nurser, and one time I was on the phone with my brother when I was nursing (boy was eating every hour and a half - I learned to do lots of things while nursing - but not go potty at the same time). Brother realized I was nursing and wouldn't talk on the phone anymore.


Edgy Mama said...

In nice hotels in Europe, there always used to be telephones in the bathrooms, just next to the toilets. Pretty gross. Unless you're having a heart attack or something while doing your business.