Saturday, March 04, 2006

March Madness

The big game, UNC v Duke, is now in progress and I am listening to it on a weak am radio signal. I like listening to Woody and the gang and have done so for many games this season as we don't have expanded cable, but sometimes you just want to see it on the big screen.

Not to be- today or for the next 5 & 1/2 weeks. I gave up T.V. for Lent. And Coffee. AND alcohol. My friends, including my friend in ministry, think I'm nuts. So far, I'm sane. Coffee has been my challenge so far but the withdrawal headaches have subsided.

Of course, I miss my daily glass of wine, but I figure I can make like my Catholic friends and have a drink on Sundays, if it comes to that.

As anticipated, I haven't missed TV - until now. What was I thinking? March Madness is just around the corner. I love March Madness. It is basketball at its best. Underdogs making stunning upsets. The favorite pulling off a victory with a last second shot. It's unpredictable, as it is COLLEGE basketball. The players are still kids, making kid's mistakes. I LOVE it. But I've cut myself off.

What have I done?

I think I need a drink. Is it Sunday yet?


Edgy Mama said...

No TV, except basketball.
No alcohol, except Sundays (and my birthday).
No caffeine period.

I still think you're a masochistic nutcase.

ash said...

Love the Tar Heels whipping the Dookies! Come over to Ashvegas to revel in the joy some more. Yes, you are crazy to give up TV during March Madness.

Rio said...

Well - I hesitated before checking your blog today, but your know our new minister (also our new friend) is a cousin of Buzz Peterson's - so just going to church today was brave for my family.

And being a mini-Easter, I have brownies in the oven to help settle my nerves from the previous evening :)

yes, nutcase, is correct...