Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fall From Grace

It hasn't even been two weeks since the beginning of Lent and I've fallen off the wagon. Or maybe I climbed on - the sin wagon.

Everyone has someone, something to blame. I'm no different.

On Thursday, I had a rather persistent sciatica problem affecting the left side of my body. Added to that, I hadn't slept much all week - I'd like to call it insomnia but it's not that dramatic. I decided there was only one thing that could cure what was ailing me, but since it was 9:00 am, I didn't think a pint of Gaelic Ale suitable, so I drove 'round to Port City Java a drink of a different sort. I swear the caffeine zapped my sciatica. I couldn't feel a thing. Nor could I speak. I called my friend, Edgymama, and zipped through a conversation at the speed of light, all the while sitting in the Mall parking lot. I sat in my van, in the parking lot, for an hour, caffeine coursing through my veins. I was digging life, in the mall parking lot. That's good stuff. I've got to get some more.


On Monday, I went to see my physical therapist for my sciatica, which had subsided as long as I kept the C close by, but I needed to be sure. He's Eastern medicine mixed with Western medicine, so much of his treatment is non-conventional. He took one look at me and asked, "What happened?" I don't know, I said. After a quick once over, he found the problem: my colon was tight. He moved it around while asking, "Have you changed your diet?" "A bit", I replied, "but it's healthier." He couldn't figure it out, but he made his adjustments and I left feeling much lighter on my feet.

Later, I realized that something else had changed in my diet - no alcohol for Lent. That must be my problem, I thought. My colon is missing it's red wine. That's all it took.

Now, along with caffeine, I'm back on the wine wagon.

TV remains off, however, with the tournament starting this weekend, I'm going to have to give in, just for the basketball.


Rio said...

Honey - you need to set goals that are reasonable to meet:) And the French know that red wine is good for you! (and apparently your body does, too.)

I think just giving up reality tv for Lent would be enough. And call next time you have some caffeine - I could use some good entertainment myself!

Edgy Mama said...

You know, of course, that caffeine, helps, uhhhhh, clear things out?

Glad you're sanity is returning, you maniac.