Sunday, February 19, 2006


Last night I watched Apolo Ohno win the Bronze medal in the Olympic 1000 meter short track.

Man does he have grace and poise. After a tough and fair race, one in which he appeared to have raced to the best of his ability, Andrea Joyce of NBC, cornered him to find out why he had failed to win the gold. She didn't come right out and ask it but she implied it over and over again in her short interview with Apollo.

What amazing grace this young man displayed in this woman's continuous peppering of questions to find out - what happened? Why didn't you win the Gold medal?

Apolo was clearly thrilled to have won the Bronze medal and concede the Gold and Silver to the Korean pair that beat him. He never wavered in his enthusiasm and wasn't apologetic for third place.

Good for him. You don't have to be first place to be a winner.

Now Chad Hedrick's comments about Shani Davis' win was another story. The man could take some tact lessons from Ohno.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Valentine Riddle

What do you get when you cross a menstruating woman in the middle of a kitchen renovation with two boxes of chocolates from the Chocolate Fetish?

hint: the answer is NOT Terri Hatcher

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Did you see Gwen Stefani? What was she thinking in that Bam-Bam get up? Or is it Pebbles?

My spouse said, "Looks like she met a man", referring to her blossoming mid section. I'm totally out of it here. Is she pregnant? Who's the daddy/ mommy?

Ok, I just got a peak, ok more like a view, of Terri Hatcher's bosoms on live television. She doesn't do it for me. Not enough meat on her the rest of her bones.

Kelly Clarkson--cute and really blonde. And a real woman with curves and flesh.

Keith Urban--Hot, sweaty and hoarse. Sing it baby!

When did Faith Hill learn to play the guitar? She doesn't sound good. Maybe too many things to think about with the guitar and all. I saw her on some (taped) special over the hoidays and she actually sounded really good. Oh well, as long as she's performing, Tim McGraw has to be close by. He rocks.


Jimmy Carter, 81, did ski, and snow shoed, and ice fished. Amazing.

Duke v UNC

My boys looked good last night, especially the Freshman.

JJ Redick is unbelievable but I don't like his drama act. Falling down when no one has touched him, trying to draw the foul. No Oscar for him. Wonder where he gets his dramatic flare? There always seems to be one Duke player who likes to "act". Do they have special classes for the players? Or are they just taking a cue from the their dramatic coach K? When he is bitching about a "call", which is pretty much the entire game, he looks like a Chihuahua.

Feeling baited, Rio?

Bubble Burst

Five days with Jimmy, Rosalynn, and so many interesting, fun people.
Four nights without the kids.
Three days of skiing.
Two days of snow adventures - snowshoes and snowmobile.
One day of travel - without the kids.
8 hours of sleep every night.
2 hours of napping.
30 minutes of a joyful reunion with my children.
2 minutes to read the letter from my youngest's teacher that burst my vacation bubble.

Now today its off to:
30 minutes with the teacher and principal
1 hour with his pediatrician
countless hours with a psychiatrist to manage his impulse control.

Its good to be home.