Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Did you see Gwen Stefani? What was she thinking in that Bam-Bam get up? Or is it Pebbles?

My spouse said, "Looks like she met a man", referring to her blossoming mid section. I'm totally out of it here. Is she pregnant? Who's the daddy/ mommy?

Ok, I just got a peak, ok more like a view, of Terri Hatcher's bosoms on live television. She doesn't do it for me. Not enough meat on her the rest of her bones.

Kelly Clarkson--cute and really blonde. And a real woman with curves and flesh.

Keith Urban--Hot, sweaty and hoarse. Sing it baby!

When did Faith Hill learn to play the guitar? She doesn't sound good. Maybe too many things to think about with the guitar and all. I saw her on some (taped) special over the hoidays and she actually sounded really good. Oh well, as long as she's performing, Tim McGraw has to be close by. He rocks.


Rio said...

I only saw a very few minutes, but here are the answers I have.

I personally thought Gwen looked great - I was very impressed. She has been married for about 3+ years to the lead singer of Bush, Gavin something. Baby's due in about 2 or 3 months.

Go Kelly!

And wish I had seen Keith...

And I saw Faith play the guitar a number of years ago. Don't really know about her abilities.

And Teri is a skinny diva who needs a different stylist.

Go U2!!

restless said...

GS has been married for three years? Obviously I'm out of it. I guess I need to check with my entertainment source, Rio, next time. How do you keep up? I went to bed at 10:15 so i apparently missed some of the good performances.

Edgy Mama said...

Yeah, Gwen's way married. To a q-t.

I wanted to see Kanye, but as I'm tv-free, I saw nothing.

Rio said...

My subscription to Entertainment Weekly and the occasional glance at E! News.

restless said...

tv free?

ash said...

i just wrote a long post and i think i lost it. crap.

ash said...

i'll sum up:
gwen is a babe - hollaback, girl.

i don't care about kelly or keith -although you DO know that urban is playing tonsil hockey with Nicole Kidman, right? totally.

teri hatcher is a babe. but she looked like shit in that see-through number she was wearing. and she looked like an auschwitz survivor. it's called "dinner." look into it.

sly, of sly and the family stone fame, came out on stage stoned. he walked out, didn't look up, played with a keyboard for about two mins, then walked off. everybody onn stage with him just stood around looking at each other. he's a major cokehead, by the way. got busted down in Fla i think.

kanye and jaime foxx brought the house down. theirs was by far the best performance of the night.

but wasn't the audio effed up for you? first, the volume on the channel was way low. then the audio quality from the show itself sucked.

ash said...

i forgot mariah. mariah! what a woman. what a bombshell.

and she can sing her wonderous ass off. she has no equal.

restless said...

Sorry to say that I hit my pillow at 10:15 and didn't see Kayne and Jaime. Too bad, i really enjoyed Kayne's performance last year.

As for Mariah, she started out a little shaky then she brought it on home. The girl can sing.

And she's been drinking her milk, unlike Ms Hatcher.

Now, Sly was something else altogether. Strange. Very strange.

Too bad nobody took a political stand at the podium. We'll have to wait for the Oscars to bring that.

ash said...

walker, here's the Coach K link

StonesFan said...

Um. Try Google next time before you post on pop culture if you're so out of it.

Not only has Gwen Stefani been married since 2002, she's been with the man since 1995. (She's not just some knocked up ho. Well maybe she's a ho, but for her husband.)

And you like Kelly Clarkson.

I can't peg your demographic, but it sure seems...strange. Interesting...but strange.

Rio said...

sounds like stones fan may need his name taken a little literally if he can't peg a soccer mom - we're the swing vote election year!

restless said...

Thanks Rio for your support but i think I'd rather be pegged 'interesting and strange' than 'soccer mom'.

And Stones Fan, you are right. I should do a little research before i sound off on pop culture. After all i am getting paid for my banter. Oh, wait! I am NOT getting paid. Shit.

I think i'll chose sleep (or watching UNC B-ball) and remain clueless on the pop culture scene. It's part of my charm don't you think:)

BTW - I wasn't calling Gwen a ho. And Kelly can sing but she's not my fav. I was just commenting that she and Mariah look like a real women with a bit of flesh on their bones. We soccer moms like to see women who look as if they enjoy an ice-cream cone and nachos once in a while.

StonesFan said...

Why do you think I'm a man? A woman can't love the Stones?

And if soccer moms are the swing vote, may I beg you to vote Blue.

So there's that: I am a woman; I will go to my grave a Democrat (Though not likely as a soccer mom. No hatin. Just not into kids, mini-vans or bleachers.)Also, I kinda hate Kelly Clarkson -- but I'm not hatin' on the Restless blogger. Chances are if you love the Stones, you are not likely to rock out to "Since You Been Gone."

In fact, I'd like to hold her head underwater everytime that song comes on. Bless her heart.

restless said...

I know how you feel about tunes that rock your neves. I feel the same about "One Thing" by Finger Eleven, and the latest song by Lifehouse - not sure of the title. I turn it everytime it comes on because it is soo bad.

I dig the Stones too.

Go "blue" sistahs.