Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Duke v UNC

My boys looked good last night, especially the Freshman.

JJ Redick is unbelievable but I don't like his drama act. Falling down when no one has touched him, trying to draw the foul. No Oscar for him. Wonder where he gets his dramatic flare? There always seems to be one Duke player who likes to "act". Do they have special classes for the players? Or are they just taking a cue from the their dramatic coach K? When he is bitching about a "call", which is pretty much the entire game, he looks like a Chihuahua.

Feeling baited, Rio?


Rio said...

Well, I don't need to lower myself to getting into such a debate - actions (like on the bball court) speak much louder than words or a huge dome filled with people wearing baby blue.

As a true lover of bball, I will say that your boys played a very good game - their season is definitely going better than I thought after all those guys left for the money. (and you know that WFU is the team I really want to lose - so I'm enjoying the ACC this year!)

restless said...

ahh, "the high road" act. Guess you have to when you're number two in the country.

ash said...

walker, you're right; our boys looked good. quite good. but i'm tired of these "moral victories." i want to spank dook, and i want to spank dook hard.

you're also wrong - Coach K looks like a friggin' rat when he's bitchin. that's because he is a rat. there's an interesting column i'll have to get you the link to - it's about how coach K is a great coach, but a horrible person. and it's sooo true.

here's the thing i enjoyed about the game - it exposed major weaknesses in dook. they will not win a national championship this year. did you see how tired they looked in the second half? k doesn't have the bench, doesn't have the horses to make the run. they will make it to the final four, but they will be denied a national title. remember where you heard it first.