Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Crimson Waves

Excited about his visit I scurried around trying to pick-up the mess in the house. I didn't want him to think we lived like slobs. Yesterday he called, finally, after a week of waiting; he was ready to meet.

The door bell rang. I glanced at my watch. Ugh! He's fifteen minutes early! I felt a warm sensation in my pants. Damn, I ran through my tampon - again. Superb timing.

I opened the door breathless and flustered; I couldn't even remember his name. I tried to keep the dog from jumping on his jewels while simultaneously trying to Kaegel back the flow of things. He graciously saved me and introduced himself. As I extended my hand, the dog jumped again. He winced. His jewels were hit. Great first impression.

Embarrassed, I showed him in and we began to talk about what I needed from him. But it's hard to concentrate when your blood flow is elsewhere. Damn, I really need him, but I need the bathroom too. His phone rang and he answered. Saved by the bell, I excused myself.

Upon returning, I was better able to focus on my needs and we had a lovely conversation about the demolition and renovation of my kitchen.


Rio said...

not sure what to reply - I figured the man you needed so much was for the kitchen - we know our priorities! Just think - in the coming years, crimson tide will get worse and worse until it finally starts to stop and we hit menopause.

restless said...

Gee thanks. Something to look forward to.

Edgy Mama said...

Yippee! Demolition and blood. Great post!