Tuesday, January 31, 2006

JC & Me

Sorry I haven't been 'round lately. This business of preparing to go on vacation without the kids is a full time job. Rides, sitters, meals, not to mention all the many things on my list that I feel compelled to do before I leave - things that I haven't bothered with for six months. Something about going on vacation inspires me to clean my plate so I can start anew when I return.

So I am off to ski with Jimmy Carter. Well, I'm guessing at 81 he won't be skiing, but we'll see.

I tried watching the state of the Bush Union tonight, so JC and I can have something to talk about. However, after 30 minutes of retoric from the Bush, I had to turn it off before I became ill. That's just not cool before vacation.

At least he paid tribute to Coretta Scott King. Now I can say that I applauded him.


Rio said...

Hope you have fun with JC! Can't believe I'm in town for a day and can't see you. Please call and let me know how it was when you get back (and I need to process the Australian Open women's final as well!)

Edgy Mama said...

So how was the trip? Debrief, please?

restless said...

Girls it was a surreal trip being in the presence of Jimmy and Rosalynn. We had an absolute blast and met some great folks,including a coloful 87 yo twin from Atlanta named Ruby. EM, you may have heard of her. She has quite the reputation in Atlanta. I have signed books for you both:)

Rio said...

THanks!! Look forward to reading lots more about your trip!