Sunday, December 04, 2005

Meet John Edwards

This weekend we visited some friends in Chapel Hill. My DH had a conference in the area on Friday so I yanked the kids from school and took them with. I thought the Moorehead Planetarium would be a good gig for our Friday education, only when I decided to leave I discovered that my DH had take off with the keys to the van. So we hung out and the kids played with our friends Xbox or something like it. They thought that a better gig anyway, and I was able to catch up with my friend Vanessa.

DH showed up in the late afternoon and we geared up for the neighborhood Christmas Caroling event. I can sing fairly well, so I was looking forward to this. Vanessa put me in charge of the singing. Hardly difficult - we just have to sing a few tunes from this Caroling book.

Our first stop? John Edwards' house. No joke. He is living in this community in CH as he has a position at UNC-CH. The lights were on, and i mean EVERY light, and no one was home. We moved on to the next house, noting as we passed JE's house that his garage doors were even up. Maybe he thought our singing less that desirable?

We didn't care. We had a few drinks on board and we were happy. Oh, wait, that was later. Anyway, we went to the next house and proceeded to sing as we rang the bell. A family trickled to the door to hear our humble tunes. I kept my head down watching the children sing. When I looked up there was John Edwards, smile as big as Texas, joining our caroling, along with his wife and small children. Rock on Senator Edwards. I wish i could call you Vice President.

We finished our diddys and moved on as we sang "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". I soooooo wanted to sing, "We wish you were Vice President. We wish you were Vice President. We wish you were Vice President but Dick Vader is".... Oh, and by the way Mr. Edwards, your wasting eletricity next door.


Rio said...

When are democrats REALLY gonna care about the environment?

And Sonny boy has made comments on your singing in the past :)

Corky said...

Way, way, way cool.

Anonymous said...

His house is under construction (assuming you are not talking about their temporary residence...) ... so, in case you didn't think about it, the most likely scenario is that there was some work going on in the house. I've heard him talk about energy and environment issues in a town hall I attended with him... and trust me he knows his stuff: everything from alternate energy sources and giving tax breaks to encourage ppl to use things that can be used in house construction etc. to conserve energy. So, it seems unlikely that it was a careless mistake on his part to leave all the lights out... I bet there was something that must be going on inside. Maybe you should've asked? ;)

And, everyone wishes he was the Vice President... even some republicans who voted for Bush, said they would have voted democratic if he was on top of the ticket. Perhaps, Edwards 08?

restless said...

It was his temporary residence AND it was totally lit up while he was next door with the neighbors. Still love him though, but i was too stunned to be in presence to say anything. He's got the package to carry him in '08. One can only hope.

ash said...

walker, i worked at the morehead planetarium when i was a Carolina student. low those many years ago, there was no such thing as x-box, but i did get to run the zeiss star machine. most thought working at a planetarium was a geeky gig. but it did have its benefits. like having the keys, sneaking in a date and a six pack, and making out under the constellations of her choosing.

Rio said...

Ash - Carolina student - that explains a lot!

Rio said...

Walker - you have been tagged and I expect to see your meme! (and Harlequin sounds like it could lead to a really interesting entry)

Edgy Mama said...

Just making out, Ash? Come on, we know you better than that.

V. cool, Walker. You should have sung your little ditty to him. You know he would have LOVED it.

Though I'm still partial to your rendition of the Auburn fight song.

syntax said...

wow, so planetariums were actually used for something other getting stoned and watching "laser floyd"? :)

(i'm thinking edwards for president in 2012. but i'm not the only one who's keeping his fingers crossed for an obama/edwards ticket in 2008...)