Sunday, March 30, 2008

Basketball and Botox

The Tarheel men's basketball team had the late game last night, playing Louisville in what amounted to a second half nail bitter - for me, anyway. The Tarheels played a brilliant first half, beating the full court press and running their fast break offense. The Tarheels seemingly in control, the conversation in our living room turned to Louisville coach, Rick Pitino's obvious use of Botox or cosmetic surgery. We even guessed then googled the ages of Williams (57) and Pitino (55).

Pitino obviously spent half time coaching rather than changing his suit and coiffing his hair, as he did during half time of their game vs Georgetown earlier in the season (which, btw, they won and Pitino later admitted- after first saying at the post game interview that he had spilled Diet Coke on his suit- that he changed from his Benny Hinn-white suit-get up because his blue boxers were starting to show through from butt sweat. Dude, TMI. I liked the Diet Coke story better.), and brought his boys back from an 12 point half-time deficit to a tie with about 10 minutes left to go.

Pitino seemed to have made an adjustment in strategy at half time, and his Cardinals came back and made basket after basket with the "give" - to their big man Padgett at the top of the key - and "go" to any player finding a hole in the Carolina defense. But in the end, Lawson and Hansbrough stepped in up for the Heels; Lawson weaving through the Cardinals' full court press with grace and ease, rendering it totally ineffective (back-up Quinton Thomas didn't fare so well). And Hansbrough, well, being Hansbrough, playing with intensity and confidence to the buzzer's blare.

Now for the final four. We have a conflict though. We have tickets to visit the Mouse in Florida next weekend. Personally I'd rather be watching hoops that trudging through crowds of crabby parents and overstimulated kids, but since we have already laid down the money, we best be out in the mayhem.


Rio said...

I was watching tennis this weekend (I think I've only logged a total of 2 hours college bball all season, with the exception of a couple UNCG games that were televised). Did you see Lindsay beat Ivanovic? Wow. Glad to see an old lady mom still has it!

Rio said...

Is Pitino really botoxing it? I will admit (a little shamefacedly) that about 15 years ago I thought him rather attractive. Then he went to the pros and I wrote him off my list (college is where it's at). So I have not actually seen him in a number of years. So truly sad when men refuse to age gracefully (at least women have more of a societal excuse).

Edgy Mama said...

Well, it's a latish game, so you'll probably be done with the Mouse for the day. Have fun!

restless said...

Rio I googled it and there more than a few hits about his Botox treatments, though it was all speculation. Edgy.. yes the game is late. Saved from an agonizing decision. Though, if they lose, we will be wishing we had chosen to stand in the MK with a million other folks to watch the light parade.

scouper said...

He looks skeletal for one thing, with those hollowed out cheeks and pale visage, but the main issue seems to be a weird fin of skin that runs vertically along the side of his nose, from bridge down to bottom of eye socket--not really a botox area. Could be botched plastic surgery, but really looks more like he could use some plastic surgery there to get RID of this fish-like flap.

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