Sunday, March 11, 2007


ACC Champs

You have to love NC State and Sidney Lowe. Wow, I really thought they would be out of gas today. They showed some real spirit. Costner is a great player - just a freshman. I think Lowe did an excellent job coaching them. My DH thinks that the way the team plays is a result of the previous coach's, Sendek recruiting. Certainly, that's how it was with Matt Doherty, the previous Tarheel coach. Time will tell.


ash said...

is this a post how great N.C. State is, or about the Tar Heels winning the ACC championship for the first time in 9 years? sheesh, restless. how about props to the toughness of Hansbrough, or the killer instinct of Rayshawn, or the brilliance of Coach Roy winning his first ACC banner. C'mon, sistah. let's keep it real.

restless said...

Hmmm, Ash I'm not sure what i was thinking. Bloggin' quick, I'd say, before I got the kid's to bed. But you're right. Our boys deserve a lot of credit. I guess deep down, i think if i gloat, then somehow that will backfire and our boys won't show at the big dance. How superstitious is that? Terry has REALLY stepped up the last half of the season, hasn't he? Any chance you'll see them play in Winston? I'll be parked in fron of the TV.