Monday, November 21, 2005

At this moment...

Favorite sounds are:
1. Legos being foraged through in the lego drawers; my kids are being quiet and engaging their minds at the same time.
2. The puppy running through the house.
3. My sons' feet as they hit the floor first thing in the morning.
4. My boys telling me "I love you, Mom".
5. My Jack making up songs while he playing.
6. Hearty, uninhibited laughter, especially from children; it's contagious
7. My Graham, practicing the Piano
8. The Dixie Chicks singing "God Speed"
9. Silence

Favorite smells:
1. Fresh cut Christmas tree
2. Hot Apple Cider
3. The summer air just before a thunderstorm
4. Burning wood emanating from a chimney in the winter

Favorite touches:
1. My boys' hands inside mine.
2. Hugs, from anyone i know and love.
3. Back rubs
4. Foot rubs
5. From my DH - but i won't go there.

Favorite tastes:
1. Chocolate Sin from the Chocolate Fetish
2. Open face portobello Mushroom sandwich from The Corner Kitchen
3. Tofu Scramble from The Early Girl Eatery
4. Vegetable Plate (with a biscuit of course) from Tupelo Honey
5. Highland Gaelic Ale, draught of course, from Barleys Taproom

Favorite sights:
1. My children's smiles
2. The trees that line Kimberly Ave during Autumn
3. Old friends at my door
4. Old friends at their door
5. A starry sky on a clear night
6. The blue ridge mountains at sunset

I'm grateful
1. To be alive
2. For my voice, no matter it's lack of articulation
3. For my family
4. For my friends, who have had to endure me droning on about MIL. There is ALWAYS a story!
5. For Asheville. I can't imagine living anywhere else.
6. For my bum. Thanks to tennis it looks pretty good in my jeans:)


Rio said...

So why are all your favorite tastes ones where you are eating out?

restless said...

of course they are eating out. I didn't have to make them and listen to my family complain.

Corky said...

Love the list! Happy Thanksgiving.