Sunday, October 16, 2005

School Pictures

About a month ago, I left my children in my DH's capable hands to visit my friend Ann, in Atlanta. The catch? It was during the school week. As I was preparing to leave, I realized that picture day would happen while I was gone. I quickly perused the boy's closets for something suitable to wear. Damn, only t-shirts; exactly what they wear ALL the time. There has to be a nice button down shirt here somewhere, one someone handed down to them, I thought. I gave up. I told, ok asked, my DH to make the 3 minute trip to Steinmart and hit the sale racks for a decent shirt, ignoring that fact that all they wear are Pok-e-mon, Sponge-Bob, and various event/camp/charity t-shirts. There's something about my upbringing that screams "DON'T WEAR A T-SHIRT WITH WRITING FOR YOUR SCHOOL PICTURE"

The pictures arrived recently. I have to hand it to DH. He didn't spend any money on new shirts; he used what was in the closets. Of course, they DESPERATELY needed ironing. The pockets, collars and button holes were ALL turned up, dying for a little water and some heat to tame them.

Oh well. It will be a funny story. Some day, anyway.


Rio said...

I remember one elementary school picture where Mom had put Jerry in a nice button down, and then when the pic came back he was wearing an old yellow Star Wars tshirt. Apparently, he switched with some kid who wanted to look nice for his picture!

restless said...

Fantastic! Much better story, too.