Friday, October 14, 2005


My Kindergartener was writing rhyming words last night. (Stop rolling your eyes; this isn't a bragging blog.) DH was doing all the spelling then he would write them down. He first wrote the word "truck" then "stuck", and then (yes you guessed it) *uck. Of course, he didn't get a chance to write that one. DH quickly pointed out "That isn't a word."

Reminded me of the time I took my oldest to his 4 year old well appointment. He was on the floor playing with some legos while his pediatrician asked the typical developmental questions. Can you count to 10, do you know what color this is? I was thinking "Buddy, that's old hat" but instead I said, "G knows how to rhyme. Hey G, what rhymes with door?" Without hesitation, he said "Whore".(Of course he didn't know what it meant, he just added a different beginning sound to "or") Ah, I didn't teach him that, I thought, feeling the blood burning up into my face. I looked up at the pediatrician who smirked and said "I guess I shouldn't ask him about duck then should I?" No sir. Little did I know, that his brother would eventually have that one covered.

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