Saturday, June 21, 2008

Drug Talk

Last week, I was driving my firecracker and his friend from church to their All Star practice when I realized that his friend, who is 8 years old, was talking to my FC about Pot. We had just passed a store called the Octopus Garden and he was explaining to FC that the store sold Marijuana paraphernalia. FC had never heard of this, so his friend, in the most matter-of-fact way, began to explain what Pot/Marijuana/ Weed is. That's right, he knew all the terms. I managed to add that it is illegal to grow, sell or smoke pot. FC asked why people smoke Pot. I explained that it made people feel funny. His friend added that it made people feel like they were in another world. Then he said that people who smoke it aren't very smart. Setting me up for the follow up question from FC.

Mom, do you know anyone who has ever smoked Pot? (I guess he figures I know lots of no-so-smart people).




Why did you smoke it?

Because she felt peer pressure, his 8 year old friend answered.

That was a good enough answer for me.

I went on to warn of all the brain cells that are lost when you smoke pot. I have no idea if this is true, but I believed it when I was a teenager. I guess I figured my brain cells needed a little room to move about.

I thought this conversation was years away. But it really was as natural as talking about the College Baseball World Series.


Rio said...

He is at the age people start talking about those things. Scary.

Gordon Smith said...

BlogAsheville netizen,

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Ladybird said...

Hi, just stumbled here.

Gordon Smith said...

Hiya restless,

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Balancing Act said...

Hey, there . . . it's amazing what everyone else's kids talk about so be prepared for anything. I just did some serious eating over the past few days so I finally went back to writing on my blog again. I think yours is more interesting though. Writing about food all the time is boring. You'll have to give me tips.