Sunday, May 04, 2008

Passed Out

The Brainiac turned 11 on Friday and had a big weekend. Friday night he attended an Obama Rally, where Gladys Knight sang and Michelle Obama spoke. When we arrived, he discovered many of his friends were there and they played at the back of the quad while the many introductory speeches droned on. When Michelle finally took stage, they found a tree to perch in and listened for a while.

Saturday he had a soccer game, a baseball game and 7 boys sleep over. They were asleep by 10:30 last night but they hit the ground running this morning, racing down to dam up the creek that inspired a mud fight yesterday evening. The last boy dispersed at noon so he had a little down time before he went to practice baseball. At 6:45 this evening, we found him passed out.

I think it's safe to say it was a good weekend.

After tending to 8 boys for 24 hours in a two bed room cabin, I'm ready for my bed too. Nighty night.

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Rio said...

I pass out for far less reasons! Glad the boy had a good bday.