Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not A Moment Too Soon

School started today and I was ready for the break. My boys and I had an amazing start to summer with a month long trip out West. But back home with all the summer funds having been siphoned out West, things got a little, shall we say, restless. In addition, my Sister-In-Law came for an unexpected five week stay at the same time our former exhange student came to visit for two weeks. Couple that with trying to help my deeply depressed Mother-In-Law, and my business, Get Your Move On, taking off - well its been a little chaotic. Oh, and I forgot about my gig as a volunteer chair for WNCAP's annual fall fundraiser, Raise Your Hand. I'm glad for a little solace, even if I spent it all working today. It feels good. Until the wild child gets suspended from school for losing control. Its bound to happen, its just a matter of time.

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Rio said...

You are so lucky the kids are back in school. We have until the 28th!! And I'm working my behind off, so they aren't seeing me at all.