Friday, December 15, 2006

The Joke

My nine year old came home from school the other day and shared this joke with me.

Sweet innocent boy: Mom, every time I ask you a question, you have to answer with "ketchup and liquor"

SIB: What is your favorite food?

Me: Ketchup and liquor

SIB: What is your favorite drink?

Me: Ketchup and liquor

SIB: What would you do if you saw Brittany Spears running down the street?

Me, stupidly answering the question: Ketchup and liquor

SIB: giggling waiting for me to burst into laughter - because I don't think he really gets it

Me: frowning with disgust, stunned and stammering, "Who told you that joke?" and then "Do you even know who Brittany Spears is?" (Did he also know that she just showed her beaver to God and everybody? YIKES!)

SIB: Yes, she is a singer.

Me: And a skank (ok, I didn't say it out loud)

Now, I'd much rather be addressing this same child's question at age five - "Just exactly how does the sperm get transported to the egg?" - than trying to delicately explain why this isn't appropriate. I bailed and told him he shouldn't be sharing that with kids younger than him.

He shared it with his best friend, who also, stupidly shared it with his mother.


Rio said...

Whoa - Did he have any idea? Sonny Boy might understand the implication, and I am sure he would be grossed out (he is still planning on adopting all children at the moment).

Is this what they teach at the Hippie School now :)

And thank you for posting!

Rio said...

So this was my whispered conversation during the anthem at church today and after the Bible reading about the Virgin Mary.

Sonny Boy - "What's a virgin?"
"Someone who has never had sex." thoughtful moments
"What's a prostitute?"
"Someone who has sex for money."
"I thought that was a ho."
"Well, it could be. Ho is slang for w-h-o-r-e, which could be a prostitute or it could be someone who has sex with lots of people and not for money."
"Oh." thoughtful looks
"Where did you hear the word prostitute?"

All this all through Vivaldi...