Friday, May 05, 2006

The End

The lunch boxes are dying, their plastic flesh reeking of peanut butter, yogurt, grapes, sour milk and juice. I have done everything within my power to prolong their lives - they only need to hold out for four more weeks. Just hold on, I think, then you can go peacefully to the trash, knowing you helped nourish my kids for their school year.

Perhaps if had taken better care of them, they wouldn't be dying. Damn. Maybe if I didn't forget to unpack them at the end of the day, instead waiting until the next morning, when things had time to ferment.

I really meant to be better this year. I even got the boxes with the hard, plastic removable trays that were easy to wash. But still the leftover milk and honey found their way into the cracks and crevices of the interior, eating away at the boxes' guts.

Its only a matter of time. I hope they can hold out for just a little longer.


Rio said...

Problem could be solved by giving them prepacked junk food in a paper bag :) Would you feel better then?

Screwy Hoolie said...

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Tell me you'll come.

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restless said...

I'm coming, baby.