Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bloody Katrina

It's not good for, Bush, a man who wears his Christian "ethics and morals" on his sleeve, to have blood on his hands. Again. HELLO? Whatever happened to the basic Christian tenant, Do this "unto the least of these?" Could the man at least have gotten off his vacationing a** to actually do something more than a photo op in LA.?

And now that the WH realizes that their inaction has caused possibly thousands of deaths, what do they do? Admit it and get to work? No, they are shoring up the PR and pushing the blame on state and local governments. C'mon!! Most of the US has wised up to the lying and spinning that comes from the WH. The rest are just blinded by the "Christian" president, cause by God, democrats can't have any morals. They support "baby killers" (pro-choice). Never mind thousands upon thousands have died in this ridiculous war. Never mind that most of those who oppose abortion are proponents of adoption but never actually adopt themselves because they are too busy having 5 birth children of their own. Then they have to buy a polluting SUV to cart them around in. Where's the global thinking here? We are NOT the only nation in this universe. Indeed not the only one blessed by God. But I digress..

It makes me SOOO sick to think of the devastation on the gulf coast. It is hard to fathom that two days after the hurricane hit, one day after New Orleans was 80% under water, Bush returned to Crawford for his last day of vacation. While looting and violence was rampant in the Big Easy, Bush was kicking back on his ranch. (Even if he was there doing work, he and his staff are dense not to realize how the public would perceive it. Ever heard that perception is reality? Apparently not) But not to worry, his FEMA chief was "on it". Once the city finally began to fill with water, something they knew was inevitable, he THEN dispatched his team to take action. Immediately? No. They had two days to get there. I'm sorry but if Palm Springs or Beverly Hills were in crisis, do you think we would have waited until things were dire before we made a move?

If it weren't for the individuals, churches, non- profits taking action, the US would be a lost cause. It's an absolute travesty that we have a government who can get away with this and we aren't totally outraged. Maybe the rage will come later as I like to think that at this moment in time, we as individuals have more important things to do. We have disaster victims to care for. The WH could take a moral cue from it's citizens.


Anonymous said...

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Rio said...

I do wonder what would happen without churches and non-profits. Some of my friends in MS said there are still towns that are demolished without FEMA contacts, but that truckloads of supplies from churches all over the country were arriving starting last Tuesday. How the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world could let this happen...and then still say we are "Christian..."

restless said...

Amen, sister!

Edgy Mama said...

Hey girl,
Seems like you're stealth here, but someone outed you to me, come visit me...and let me know if you wanna be linked at BlogAsheville.

And, oh, I'm the one who sang the Auburn fight song with you one night.

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