Wednesday, August 17, 2005

2 moms do Hootie

My friend L called earlier this week at 7:30 p.m. She had forgotten that she had Hootie and the Blowfish tix for the night. No time for a sitter for her and DH, so she called to see if I could go at last minute. DH said, "Go", and he got the kids to bed for their first day of school today.

I didn't even know Hootie was in town, playing at a small but popular music venue. Waiting in line, I wondered if Hootie would sing his little ditty from the Hardees commercial - the one where he is decked out in a cowboy outfit singing about a "tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch" with hottie girls writhing all around. It's like Hee-Haw meets burlesque. I was kind of disappointed to see Hootie pitching a fast food joint. But hey, everyone's got to pay the rent, right? Besides, Hardees, is a southern joint, for good reasons, so most of the country won't ever see it.

The concert was great fun and I enjoyed every second of it. The music was great. I liked the stuff off of the newest album much better than the old. Maybe it's because it hasn't been overplayed; i think the band has suffered from that.

I must say it's much different than when I went to concerts 20 years ago. For one thing, I was relatively sober. And standing for 4 hours can be hard on my back. I tried bouncing up and down like the bass player, but having birthed two big headed boys my bladder had other plans. Suffice it to say the bouncing stopped.

Next concert, i'll bring Depends.


Rio said...

Indigo Girls still more your speed?

restless said...

yeah, and they don't cause bladder issues.

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